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It is not the gift itself that is important, but the attention to the person to whom you give the gift is important. Therefore, the color of the gift is…


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Evaluation of fitness

Assess physical fitness I agree with the Privacy Policy Disagree Heart rate (per minute) Before physical activity Right away after Minute after


Recovery after sleep * If sleep is poor or inadequate, it reduces immunity. I agree with the Privacy Policy Disagree Heart rate (per minute) Lying Sitting down Standing Share


Physical state I agree with the Privacy Policy Disagree How old are you? Enter your weight (kg): Enter your height (cm): Blood pressure: (e.g.120/80) Systolic(e.g.160): Diastolic(e.g.80): Heart rate (per minute)…


Forecast is life expectancy Live with the confidence that you are leading the right way of life. It is enough to fill in the form field - gender and Country.…

Minimum calories calculator

Calculator of minimum calories For life support of the organism Enter your weight kg: Enter your age: The danger of anorexia and excessive desires to lose weight is that the…

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