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There are four types of temperament:
1. Choleric (quick onset and strong feelings),
2. Sanguine (quick onset but weak feelings),
3. Melancholic (slow onset but strong feelings),
4. Phlegmatic (slow onset and weak feelings).

For choleric and sanguine temperaments, in addition, speed of movement, general mobility, a strong expression of feelings in movement, facial expressions are characteristic. For melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments, on the contrary, are characterized by slowness of movements, a weak expression of feelings.

Representatives of each of the temperaments can be characterized as follows:

Choleric is a fast, sometimes impetuous person, with strong, quickly igniting feelings, brightly reflected in the stove, facial expressions, gestures, quick-tempered, prone to violent emotional outbursts.

Sanguine is a fast, agile person who gives an emotional response to all impressions. His feelings are directly reflected in external behavior, but they are not strong and easily replace one another.

Melancholic — a person characterized by a relatively small variety of emotional experiences, but their great strength and duration. He does not respond to everything, but with greater strength and duration of feelings. He does not respond to everything, but when he does, he experiences a lot, although he does not express his feelings outwardly.

A phlegmatic person is a slow, balanced and calm person who is not easy to emotionally hurt and impossible to piss off. His feelings are almost never outwardly manifested.

It cannot be assumed that all people can be divided into four basic temperaments. Only a few are pure representatives of these types. In most, one can observe a combination of individual features of one temperament with some features of another. The same person in different situations in relation to different life situations can demonstrate features of different temperaments.

For example, people who are married or have close friendships may exhibit different types of temperaments. And in this case, we can talk about the compatibility of, for example, married couples, and you can even pass an entertaining compatibility test for couples

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