In confidence I The personal text messages I Innovative developments

All material on this site is the original,
innovative presentation of well-known data from Wikipedia.

The website also contains elements of “corporate governance” (optimization)
that are presented in a popular, interesting form for a wide range of users.

Naturally, in addition to the popular publications of this site are and
specialized sections of corporate governance that are not presented here.

The most expensive in any and not only corporate activities
it’s a research process, searching for new ideas, creating prototypes,

In particular, this site had a great and defining impact on
the very idea and popularization of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine and a healthy lifestyle

But not only that. The site has had a large and decisive influence on many laws in some countries.
Under the influence of this site, geopolitical decisions were made, sometimes incorrect and contradictory.
Including in southeast asia.

Under the influence of this site and application
began The disappearance of Instagram likes in the spring of 2019.
At first Canada, followed by Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. From November 14,
likes began to disappear from users around the world.

You can evaluate at what level such decisions are made.
This puts this site on a par with the most influential portals and people on the planet.

And much more.

And apparently for this he was subjected to all sorts of endless hostile actions of numerous ill-wishers.
We will keep hope in our illusory dreams that the world will become better someday.

The concept of our site has been developed since 2010.
In 2016, the site finally appeared, but was hacked.
Our application also constantly suffers from various harmful actions extremists
We had to spend a lot of effort to resume his work.
Since then, various hostile actions towards the site have not ceased.

The site and now subject to acts of vandalism by evil forces

Human rights

“What is freedom? This is Human Rights”

As soon as our Facebook page began to gain popularity …
Publications disappear from our page.
They will probably be removed.
Make a repost publications, please.
Let’s make people of the whole world healthy and happy.

Tell your story about various injustices.
And we will post it on our special Facebook page.

After contacting Facebook support.
The functionality of the page has recovered,
but lost publications can no longer be returned.

But now our successful application has been deleted, we have lost traffic and users.
By the way, it’s for this traffic that the site again received sanctions,
but now when there is no traffic, we hope that they will not be, maybe.

The success of the application (which can be considered quite an incredible event)
is due to the fact that at that time there was a change in the operating system,
which in turn was caused by disputes around the pre-installation of applications.
So our successful application got an audience.
But this vryatli can still happen again.
(“point of system fluctuation ” corporate governance term)

All the time when the application received traffic occurred
incessant, insidious, rude, cynical and other very diverse
attempts to somehow prevent him.
Even the adoption of laws (anonymizers and mandatory email address) was applied which is very unusual.
(For example, the restriction of anomimizers is due to the fact that
a very unusual visitor counter appeared on the site at that moment.
Which in turn led to the idea that there may be abuse in advertising.
And not because the user sees something there wrong.)
And many many more.

And without coming up with such a tricky way how to do it,
it was ultimately simply removed.
(clear victory)

Evil forces act against a healthy lifestyle, physical culture and fitness.
(but we fought as best we could, with superior forces of the most diverse adversary)

If you think that our logo is yours.
That is, you finally found your logotype.
Then let us know about it.

The domain is for sale, without content.
This is a very influential domain.
(It could have been done from the beginning,
because the domain prefix is com,
and not to make such significant and unproductive efforts
in order to harm this beautiful domain.
But this thought certainly requires some thinking,
In terms of corporate governance strategies and tactics
and options for the possible events horizon.)


Your story

Your feedback and suggestions

History of success





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